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Computer Center was established in August, 1990 with the aim to provide complete information teaching and research environment and to facilitate electronic-based school affairs so as to enhance overall administrative efficiency. In the six years since the college foundation, more than one thousand computers have been provided for teachers' research and students' courses, and there are as many as ten computer classrooms for the use of regular classes. In each classroom, sixty-one computers are installed; teachers employ audio PC training systems and monitors to conduct real-time audio teaching, which is an approach to an effective control of students' learning conditions. There is another computer classroom opened for free use. Among privately-funded colleges, our school has the largest number of computers and computer classrooms. Another point falls to the network stabilization. In view of the increase of students in the dormitories, we have also applied for the adding of external bandwidth to 300M bps and installed switch and hub with high level of stabilization in an effort to respond with the demand for larger network bandwidth. 
So far, we have reached great achievements in terms of e-campus projects including the construction of electronic school affairs administrative system, the beautification websites, expanding services, and the establishment of portal website. It our plan to upgrade our school to a university where we will have to make efforts in establishing an environment and content for e-learning, increasing English websites for departments and offices, putting up individualized services such as blogs and photo albums, adding use space to 500M , building up wireless environment in academic areas, and facilitating information security projects. 
Our school puts emphasis on education of computer knowledge. Introduction to Computer Science is designed as an obligatory course, and more than 120 courses are being provided in computer classrooms, with witch our students would be prepared with solid computer abilities.